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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random Colombia Observations

I thought while I had the time I would mention a few random observations I have made about South America in general. South American drivers in general are VERY VERY impatient. I mean seriously impatient! They will honk at you even BEFORE the light turns green! If you are getting out of a taxi and trying to pay the driver they will honk. They honk at anything! Back home if someone honks it is a warning and you usually pay attention. They honk so much here for everything you just tend to tune it all out. That is why you have to be really careful crossing the street haha.

South America and Asia,third world countries in general would just be hell for a person in a wheel chair or a person with disabilities. To be fair to these countries they are just too poor to afford proper infrastructure so it isn't totally theit faults but the sidewalks are all cracked and uneven (if there is any sidewalk) the roads rarely have proper crosswalks the doorways and entryways are small and there is rarely elevator/escalators. I am really thankful that I can walk properly and don't have any major disabilities and I sure hope it stays that way and I really feel sorry for people who live in these countries who do have them.

These countries are too poor to afford proper social service programs (social security etc) so the poor are left to fend for themselves. I usually will give whatever change I have to a poor person because they need it more than me. It doesn't cost me much and it makes me feel good. There is a few kinds of poor people though. The ones who just sit there with a sign or in silence and expect you to just give them money. Then there is the ones that pull at your clothes and beg you and ask you for money (its annoying). Then there are others who are offering some kind of talent for your money and that is sometimes interesting and entertaining. There are still others who are generally hard up and need your help or people who pretend to be and aren't really but they are just lazy and want your money. It happens all over the world I have found in every country I have been too. 

Another thing I noticed is the massive quantity of late night street food. It is usually pretty good and if you make sure they heat/cook everything properly you are generally ok. I have had some really amazing street food and some really bad street food but only once have I got sick. In Asia/South America after a night out at the bar or the club they don't have a Walmart or gas station you can run into and grab something cheap so they have cheap street food. For less than a dollar you can usually get semi full and they cater to alcohol induced people lol. They are open all hours of the night and I have eaten some really strange but good things. Nothing has killed me so far and I love eating local food and cheap food and trying new things and not eating touristy expensive crap I can get at home.

The last thing I wanted to mention was third world showers and toilets and general bathroom facilities. You probably don't think about this at home ( I know I didn't when I was home) but I certainly do now. I have had many many showers with no hot water, many showers with trickling water,many showers with water that stops flowing RIGHT as the shampoo is in my eyes lol. I have used toilets with no running water and only a bucket or no bucket at all and only a hole in the ground. I have used toilets with no toilet paper or you can only throw the toilet paper in a trashcan or there is a hose to squirt yourself with instead of any toilet paper. I have used many toilets with no toilet seat and you just have to squat. Many many gross bathrooms (even when you have to pay for them they are gross lol)

Basically what I am saying is don't take the little conveniences of life you have at home for granted. Think about people in third world countries who don't even have the option. Oh ya! I almost forgot! I had the most amazing lunch today for just over 4 USD and it was huge! I had basically what was ground beef,with a fried egg,rice,fried banana,another form of some kinda of meat product lol, Then I had some sausage and some more brisket kind of thing PLUS baked beans/ranch style bean soup. The soup was by far my favourite and it tastes JUST like something my dear mother makes :) I am so full right now I couldn't eat another bite lol. Next week I will visit all the places I have been meaning to visit so far and pick up my laundry haha.

Tyler over and out from Bogotá.

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