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Monday, April 04, 2011

Goodbye New Zealand

Well this is really it. I leave for the airport in less than 3 hours. I have seen almost all of my friends and really been made to feel special. I have some amazing friends here so it really has been hard for me to leave I am actually quite sad. Such is life though, Ben and I are on to the next adventure and I am really excited. As we speak I am sitting next to some of my friends and I am wearing a shirt that one of my friends got me for my birthday.
I have had tons of birthday parties to go too and leaving parties and farewell dinners and everything. I usually just cut the cord and leave straight away but it has been different here. I really will miss everyone. I hope the weather is really hot and good in South America! I am looking forward to getting away from this weather here haha.

The other major thing I want to mention is that I never wanted to make this a "friends list" or a competition between my friends because all my friends are amazing but I really feel that two of my friends deserve a special mention. I just randomly met Debs and Nadia via their flatmate. I didn't end up actually having a lasting friendship with him but those two girls are some of the most special people to me in all of New Zealand. for only knowing them five or six months it is amazing how close we have become.

You have probably heard me mention my Auckland girlfriends and those two are it. They have been there for me thru everything and listened to be complain about whatever I wanted to bitch about and also listened to me have the good times in my life. They have really helped me more than they will ever know. I am totally going to miss Tayla,Tailya,Tyle,Taylor,Tylor nights. The movies and pizza nights I won't ever forget nor will I forget our date nights or the CS drinks nights. There is alot I will miss. But, these two girls I KNOW I will see again so this isn't goodbye forever. We did have some great times together.

But, I do have so many Couch Surfing hosts,friends,randoms,good friends to thank everyone has been amazing and I will be back in New Zealand for the people and the places! So thanks to everyone and I had a great time here! Now onto the next adventure! Next time I write I will be in Santiago Chile! and it continues..... -Tyler

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