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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lake Titicaca and more.....

Just letting yall know we made it out of La Paz alive (didn't get blown up by any dynamite) and we had a good time there. We went to Lake Titicaca for a day from there. It is one of the biggest and highest lakes in world. It was beautiful there and we had great weather. After 36 hours of agony I finally beat that stomach bug so I am back to eating and drinking like normal thank God. The altitude is still getting to me some and I still have that damn head cold but otherwise I am 100%. Ben and I and some people we met on the bus did a semi major hike up a big hill/mountain to watch the sunset over Lake Titicaca and it was a hard hike but so worth it because the sunset was one of the best I have seen in a long long time. I will put a picture of it on here soon and on Facebook too.

Now we have made it to Cusco Peru and we just got off the bus and changed our currencies (again!) but it looks like it will be a good city and our new CS host seems nice. Soon we will go to Machu Picchu and see a wonder of the world! It will be my second as I also saw the Golden Temples (Angor Wat) in Cambodia. Not doing too bad for 26 years old huh?

All of the cities we have seen so far have been pretty dirty and pretty poor very similar to Asia. I dont think that the people who live in these cities dont care about them or the environment I just think they are too poor for any kind of infrastructure to do anything about it. The divide between rich and poor is really sad and really makes you glad for what you have.

As I mentioned previously there is no subway,McDonald's,burger king or anything here. So if you want to eat (and everyone does) you have to eat like a local. I have eaten a lot of stuff I would never touch at home and eaten a lot of stuff by hand but so far (most) of it has been really good. Today on the bus I had chicken and potatoes out of a bag lol. Peruvian food is supposed to be amazing and this is one of the only countries in South America that doesn't charge me an entry visa fee so I have a little more money to spend! I guess that is it for now.

It rained here today in Cusco and even hailed for a bit! This was the first rain we have had really. It was super hard for just a bit and managed to flood the streets (the sewer system is not very good here, you cant even put toilet paper in the toilet or drink the tap water) but it dried fairly quickly. I am really enjoying this city and we have been having fun going out to eat and trying new foods and drink. I am LOVING the natural fruit juices they have here. Jugos de Darazno (Peach juice with milk and sugar) is my favourite! It is so so cheap (less than a dollar) and super fresh and super good. I haven´t been this healthy in quite a while haha. I got yet again some more meds today and I am hoping to finally kick all of my sickness before we make it Argentina next week. 

We booked our tour to Machu Picchu and have been enjoying Cusco so far. It has been one of my favourite cities thus far. I have noticed in South America there is a ton of stray dogs everywhere! They are loose all over the city and no one seems to mind. None of them have been aggressive thus far, they are just everywhere! I can see a big difference wealth wise between Peru and Bolivia. Cusco is a beautiful old city from the Spanish times with lots of great old buildings and it is real cheap here too.  We have a good host  and we have booked our 20 hour bus ride to Lima for 30 USD! But next time I blog it will be after we see a world wonder!

Yall don't work/play too hard. -Tyler

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