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Friday, March 04, 2011

The last day on this tour

So right now I am currently right in the middle of the last day of this current tour I am on stage building for the bands and I haven't had much sleep lately but soon I will :). It has been really good and I have worked with great people, my boss is awesome! But it is long long hours and hard work. That is what we get paid good for though. We managed to make it thru the whole tour almost with no rain but for the past two days it has been pissing down!

It is soaking wet and they almost canceled the gigs but luckily they didn't. Luckily I have some rain gear so while I am all bright orange I am still bone dry and not soaking wet. We get one day off then we start back on Pacifika on monday and back for just over a week of work there for another festival. After this is all over I am going to sleep a long long time haha.

That's all I got for now yall take care,Tyler

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