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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time flies when your having fun

I believe I last left you after Paddy's Day ya? well since then I have recovered physically and mentally haha. I managed to have a great weekend camping and enjoying life. It was great to get out of the city one last time. I leave on 5 April for Santiago so that is quite soon! You know its funny because when I first got to New Zealand I didn't like it at all but due to all my great friends here and my good times here I will be extremely sad to leave :( Such is life though gotta move on to different things. I will be back though!

I went back to working construction near Britomart (The Transit Centre here in Auckland) and we are about two weeks away from opening so I am just doing last minute things really. Cleaning etc. It doesn't pay great but it is better than no money and sitting at home bored. I enjoy working with my hands. This building is going to be the Headquarters for WestPac (A bank) and it is really flash! They spent north of 300 million on it so it has a gym and showers and Ipod docks at every desk and automated everything and it is really high tech. I have been really proud to see it come together since I started there and to be part of it even if I just do little stuff.

Now that we are close to opening day all the big wigs have come touring and it amuses me to no end to see them come into our dirty half way functioning service elevator (which is not really what you think of when you think of a lift at all lol) It is basically just a wooden box attached to elevator cables to get us up and down the 14 storeys. Nothing flash but it works. So these people in their perfectly pristine never been used hard hats and $5,000 dollar Armani suits get in and look so terrified! haha it makes me laugh. It is even better when the lift is packed and they are forced to stand close to us dirty sweaty guys lol. We are the ones creating what they will make all the money in so I think I deserve a little satisfaction in bringing them down into reality for just a little bit LOL. Yesterday I saw a 20-ish girl who was with the big shots and she showed up in Knee High Boots! I almost fell over laughing! who comes to a construction site in those?!

Anyway I am almost done working for good and it will be an odd feeling not to lace up my steel caps or put on my hard hat anymore. I will be sending that stuff home though, its good gear. I have a busy weekend ahead of me! Today I have birthday party to go too and going with my friend Laura to a North American food shop I am so freaking excited for some pop tarts! :P tomorrow I will be working for a friend for the day helping on his boat and Sunday I am visiting some friends and getting a home cooked meal from an awesome friend of mine!

Next week I will be wrapping up all my last loose ends, I have travel insurance now. I need to get some more contacts, meds are squared away and I (almost) have my bank situation all the way resolved finally! (it has been a serious mission)  I got my  superannuation check from Australia finally though. I will be expecting my passport back next week too. Well yall take care. That's it in Tyler Land for now.- Tyler

P.S.  My best mate Ben is doing ten days of totally silent mediation north of Auckland (I think he is crazy) but he really wanted to do it. So I am wishing him the best on his 9th day already. I will see him when he is back. He leaves for Sydney soon though for a week and he will come back the day before we leave. Anyway his birthday was on Paddy's Day and he couldn't even celebrate so I celebrated for him haha. Happy birthday mate. Hope it was good 24th :)

Late Edit: I want to give a huge shout out to one of the coolest Canadians in all of Auckland! Laura Blake from Toronto you are amazing! She took me to the American/Canadian food store and I loaded up on pop tarts,cereal,candy,mac and cheese and Dr Pepper and I am soo sooo soo excited. I even got chips and cheese it and gold fish! It is sooo sooo sooo good! I haven't had any of this in 18 months! I am also supposed to be receiving another care package from a good friend of mine soon but I wanted to buy it here just in case her package gets stuck in customs or something. It has been a great day! mmmmm

Late Late Edit:  Movie review time, we saw Hall Pass on Tues. and had Domino's as usual. It is quite funny because we have been going there for months now and my friends always place the order under my name every time even if we do separate orders haha. For some reason they just can't spell my name right there. It is kind of a running joke now lol  I keep the misspelled receipts just as tradition. This week they actually messed up my order but I got a free drink out of it :)

As for the movie, it was made by The Farrelly brothers (who made Something about Mary) so it was funny of course and it was pretty good. It was about two guys and their wives who take a week off of marriage. We saw a preview for a movie called Limitless about a guy who gets a pill to unlock 100% of his brain power (since regular humans only use about 10%) but then he stops getting the pills. That is all I know but it looks great and it is the plan for next tues!-Tyler

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