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Monday, March 28, 2011

8 days left

So, the time is fast approaching... I have 8 days left in New Zealand :( I really will miss it here a lot I have so many great friends here. I will work a bit more before I leave but nothing super serious just try and enjoy myself before we head to Chile. Ben and I sat down and worked out a rough plan and a rough budget today so at least we knocked that out and hopefully I will have enough cash to make it all work!

The Brazilian Embassy said they should be sending back my passport this week and I should get that last bit of information from my Aussie bank so hopefully everything will come together before I leave! I am not to worried yet, just tying up my loose ends. Trying to save money and not spend it :P

On Friday night I went to a birthday party of my friend Julia and it was a lot of fun! It was a "smart and sexy" theme so I had to break out the nicest backpacker clothes I had haha. I managed to pull it all together and look fairly nice actually. I really had a great time with great friends and by the end of the night we did manage to give the birthday girl a chippendale-ish birthday surprise haha :P it was a great party :)

Saturday night I planned to have a quiet one and I managed to get about half way thru it just relaxing and resting and then my friend called and she said "get ready the taxi is coming to pick you up" haha so I was forced to go out with them but I did manage to have a really good time so I really can't complain too much lol

I want to give a huge shout out to Laura Blake,Windee Wallace and Anna-Marie Scroggins. These three amazing women have managed to make me super happy! Laura and Windee have allowed me to stuff myself full of awesome American junk food that I haven't had in 18 months and Anna Marie has just cooked me the best home cooked meal I have had since Nov 2009! Thanks ladies :)

I guess that is really all I have for now, I will be doing a little bit more planning for South America while Ben is in Sydney for a week but all the big stuff is out of the way now. Yall take care and I may only write a few more times before South America but we will see. I am looking forward too it and I already have some connections there so we should have a great time! -Tyler

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