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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Weekend

I thought I would take some time to elaborate more on a few of my past trips. When I was in Germany it was my first trip alone and I went to Hamburg Germany and the Dalai Lama was speaking there! I really wanted to go listen to him speak but the tickets were all sold out. I also did a bicycle tour of Berlin Germany, called Fat Tire Bike Tours. It was so much fun and informative at the same time! I even got to go see The Berlin Wall. I also toured Auschwitz and saw the memorial for all the Jews who lost their lives in World War Two. That was rather depressing but good to see and remember history. My favourite place that I visited in Germany by far was Koln (Cologne). They have an amazing cathedral there that is over 1000 years old! It is so solidly built and just amazing to be so old! They also have great food and great beer there and the best brisket I have had outside of Texas! I got to see so much history there it was great! It was great to see the good history and the bad.

I was in England/Ireland 3 years ago for some time and I had a lot of fun. I did a walking tour in London all about The Beatles and I got my picture taken by Apple Studios on Abbey Road just like the album cover. All the traffic stopped for me and let me take the perfect shot it was great! I got to see the last place Jimi Hendrix played before he died. I also did a double decker bus tour of all the hot spots in London. Tower Bridge,Crown Jewels etc. Not only that but, I met a guy on my tour who actually went to medical school with my grandfather back in the 50's! I was thousands of miles from home and I randomly met him! It was a really neat "small world" deal.

We made it over to Ireland the day before St. Patrick's Day so obviously the atmosphere was amazing! There was partying everywhere and the river was dyed green and everyone was going wild! It was sooo cool. We did 2 brewery tours which were really cool :) The Guinness Brewery and the Jameson Whiskey Distillery. Both were really cool and it was neat to see and get to taste their brews. I also remembered a funny story I will share. Every morning for breakfast I would go down to the little corner store and grab something to eat. The girls working behind the counter, I still don't think they spoke English. I think it was Gaelic. So I would ask for something, like a sausage roll or a meat pie and they said something. Well I didn't understand what they said so I just said "yes" and smiled. Then they gave me a food that I totally didn't order! LOL. This went on for 3 days straight. I finally just gave up and ate whatever they gave me haha.

I had 2 days off work last week, it was nice to have the time off to get everything done that I needed to get done (I had a big to do list!) but it sucked for my pocket book. We decided we didn't wanna just sit at home and do nothing though so we went out to see a movie. (Can you tell we like movies lol) We saw that Wall Street movie with Michael Douglas. He made the first one back in the mid 80's (which I haven't seen) and this was the sequel. It was all about money and stocks and stock brokers and making money and all that stuff. Ben enjoyed it but all that money crap just went over my head. I guess it was an OK movie but I wouldn't pay for it again. We only saw it really because we were on a "time budget" so it just worked out. Michael Douglas was recently diagnosed with throat cancer so I do wish him the best with that. He smoked cigars in the movie so that can't be good for him! Hopefully he pulls thru though, he is a good actor.

On Sunday afternoon we went out with some mates from work to watch UFC at a local pub and had some drinks there. It was nice to get out and have fun so all in all it was an enjoyable weekend. No complaints here :) Just a few more weeks left here in Brisbane then we are off to travel up the coast before I leave for New Zealand! -Tyler

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