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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My day off/busy day!

I had busy day off today! It sucked not working (and not getting paid) but it allowed me to go donate blood (to save 3 people's lives and figure out my blood type and get free orange juice afterwards hehe) There was some dramas with all my medical issues from birth but after lots of talking and question answering (the nurse actually called 2 separate doctors!) They cleared me to donate and everything was fine. I have donated many times in the past in America and everything was fine. Not to mention I had the coolest nurse ever! She was so witty and funny and we got on really well. She made me laugh and really made having my blood drained out of my body an extremely enjoyable experience even though I am sure all the questions/calls she had to make on my behalf was a long process for her haha. All is well though :)

I also went shopping for a new pair of shoes,jeans etc,go to the tax office and the bank,get my camera fixed,get a 10 dollar haircut at the haircutting school that took forever (but totally worth it for the cheap cost) go grocery shopping and now I am home and wiped out! Got all my stuff done and dusted though. Feels good to get my whole list done :P

I just now realised that a while ago I blogged about my past trips and Panama was my first trip out of the country. That was 10 years ago now when I was 15! My memory has faded a bit but rather than go back and add these memories to the blog I wrote about Panama I will just do it here. I just wanted to tell you a little more about the trip. Right when I landed at the airport in Panama City I was just speaking basic Spanish back then I timidly went up to the airport counter and asked them roughly where the bathroom was. They told me or so I thought, I went to where I thought they directed me too and what I actually entered was something similar to a women's locker room. A woman screamed at me and I quickly left haha.

Also, I got a chance to go on a boat ride in the Panama Canal which a lot of people would consider a once in a lifetime experience. While I will admit it was pretty neat at first and I was lucky to do it, it took a long long time to go all the way through The Canal and I ended up falling asleep haha. The other big memories that stick out in my mind was how cheap everything was (10 USD for a whole meal!) my first experiences with haggling and third world traffic laws lol. Also, we had a CRAZY truck ride up a mountain on a truck that was most likely built in 1930 haha. We did have an amazing dinner with one of the best sunsets I still have ever seen in my life in any countries I have visited. Right there eating on the beach right next to the ocean it was amazing! But, I didn't actually sleep on the beach next to ocean until I went to Fiji ( I slept like a baby) I had a great hammock :) I have more to elaborate on with my other trips that I missed but I will save it for another time.

A lot of people are up in arms about Facebook and similar sites here recently. Facebook has 500 million users worldwide. (if it was a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world) I for one will admit that I am a fan of Facebook and slightly addicted. I have tons of Facebook "friends" all over the world and it is a great way to keep in touch with them and reconnect with old friends from childhood. So really the whole privacy thing doesn't bother me all that much. I mean if you really sit down and think about it almost everyone is in some kinda government database these days. I think the one exception would be my dear father. He has no email,facebook,myspace, no nothing. As far as the Internet (and its related databases) are concerned he doesn't exist. I know he prefers it that way. He hates computers lol.

Ok a few more things and I am done spewing haha. On the way home from the city today I saw a health worker for "Queensland Health or so his shirt said anyway" (the local hospital system) he looked to be about mid 50's early 60's. He had a shaved head and 2 ear piercings with tattoos and I very odd necklace. It was a cross shaped necklace but it was made all out of skulls! I can't imagine he could wear that stuff at work! He would scare the patients lol

Last but not least I wanted to make an observation and tell you a little story. First off my observation: I have noticed here in Australia there is some "uncontrolled" intersections. Allow me to elaborate, In Sydney on George Street there is one and here in Brisbane close to Central Station (Train Station) there is one. I haven't found any others so far. What I mean is instead of crossing the road properly by waiting for the green little man sign and crossing straight across, you can actually cross diagonally across the intersection. So, when the green little man pops up everyone from all four directions swarms into the intersection crossing any which way they choose. It is wild and crazy (by Australian standards) and its kinda fun. Sure cuts down on the time crossing the street.

Now for my story: As I was leaving the train station today coming back from the city there was a little boy and his mother that I passed going down the stairs. He saw me going down the stairs and he looked to be about 4 or 5. He said "But Mum HE isn't holding onto the handrails!!!! Her reply was "But he is a big man and your a little man" he said "NO I AM NOT! It really made me laugh. Because of how angry he got at that statement and also her referring to me as a "big man" because while I am a full grown adult as anyone who knows me, knows I am hardly a "big man" lol. I am totally and utterly average in body size but of course I am super duper in personality which is why everyone loves me! haha

I must apologise for some of my longer winded blogs. I never thought I would really enjoy the whole blogging thing but I really do. I sit down to just write a little bit and I end up going on and on and on haha. So I am sorry I hope this doesn't bore yall (for those of you who even bother to read this far lol) take care. -Tyler

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  1. Great, funny blog. I can't believe I missed reading all these entries - I guess I thought everything was on FB. Mom