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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Its been a while and I dont have much

Well I haven't blogged in a while and I really don't have much to say. But, I thought I would just give yall a little update. As I said before, the hospital/doctors said I had a severe muscle sprain/tear but there is really nothing they can do. I have been on some strong pain killers and an anti inflammatory which are helping. I can feel my leg slowly getting better. There is still pain but it is much less and I can at least get through a work day generally in not a whole ton of pain.

Other than staying busy and working hard, Ben and I haven't been doing much. This upcoming weekend is River Fire, a big fireworks show here in Brisbane so that should be good. I saw the movie Inception for a second time. (I really like that movie). On the weekends in city down by the river they have a weekend market which is pretty cool to go too. I really dont have much else but it is just good to be working and staying busy and making money! Ben also has a 2nd job as a waiter at Suncorp Stadium and next weekend he might get to see U2/Jay Z for free!

I know its not much but thats all I got for ya. Take care,Tyler

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