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Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend News

The weather here hasn't been great lately. It has been raining a lot and just generally crappy. So, rather than be cooped up at home this weekend Ben and I decided to go into the city. The trains were down as the rail network was being worked on so we got free bus service into the city which was cool!

We had planned to see some free comedy as part of the Brisbane Festival but, we went to see a movie on Sunday and by the time we got out of our movie it was raining again and we had missed the comedy :( we saw "Easy A" which was actually fairly funny. It had that girl from ZombieLand (great movie) in it. Basically she spreads a false rumour about herself but rather than deny it she just goes with it. It wasn't an AMAZING movie but it was good, better than sitting at home and it did have a great supporting cast.

On Friday we saw "Going the Distance" it was a comedy with Drew Barrymore (Remember her in E.T.? did you know she was 35?!) and Justin Long (The guy from the Mac Commercials) it was about two people dating long distance. I have been there and done that so I could particularly relate I think.  Again, it wasn't AMAZING but it was funny and worth the money I thought. It also had a great supporting cast. I give both movies  3/5 stars. So we have had our fill of movies lol. We didn't do too much else over the weekend and now it is Monday and we are just back at work (well its over for today Thank God!) 

Our time is really winding down here and Ben and I are just finalising what and where we will go next before I leave for New Zealand and he leaves for Asia then we meet up again in January in New Zealand. Life is not to bad just chugging along doing our thing. It isn't totally exciting all the time but as much as I would like to just travel ALL the time and do nothing else I actually have to work to survive lol. So life is life but I am still having fun and doing my thing. Hopefully things are still good back home and  I will be interested to see what has changed once I do get back home.

Yall take care,Ty

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