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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back at it for another week

Well Ben and I used our free ticket to the movies over the weekend. We saw The Other Guys with Will Farrell and company. It was so funny! It was a cop comedy and I really enjoyed it. I mean it was his usual humour but he is just a funny man. It was even better because it was free! We also walked around the city and heard some bands and stuff from the Brisbane Festival for free. I tried the new "chicken schnitzel sub at Subway here and it was quite expensive and not that good. I was unimpressed.

Work has been work..... Still working hard and getting a paycheck which is better than being unemployed but nothing too amazing going on there except today I caught a lizard at work! It was the biggest lizard I have ever seen! It scared the crap out of me haha. But, I quickly determined it wasn't gonna kill me so I had took it outside. I later found out it was a blue tongue  lizard. They have even bigger lizards than that here. That was the most exciting thing to happen to me all day haha.

Big news! Ben and I bought and booked our ticket to South America! We leave from Auckland on the 5th of April! I have already booked my flight from here in Oz to Auckland for the 4th of November so I am all set now :) I have done my taxes here and just waiting on my return for last financial year. I still have to do taxes for this year before I leave. I also still need to get a haircut and we need to plan our South America journey.

Soon it will be time for more traveling so bring it on! :) -Ty

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