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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ten things I am thankful for in 2012

There is so much negativity in the world and I think last year at some point I wrote a list of things I was thankful for so I wanted to do it again this year (in no particular order they are:

1. I am thankful I live on a planet where you can see things like this. I haven't yet seen the Northern Lights in person but it is on my bucket list. There is so much beauty in this world if you only stop to look for it. I am thankful for the little things. I am thankful when I can put toilet paper in the toilet,when I have hot water and consistent power and air conditioning. Have you ever noticed how when a baby laughs you start to smile? It doesn't matter the sex,age or race of the baby it just makes even the most cold hearted people smile. I don't take these things for granted because I have lived without them quite a lot.

2. I am thankful for having such support family and friends for all of my globe trotting adventures. Even though I may be gone from home a lot in body I am always there in spirit and will be forever proud to be Texan (and American) even if I am not there much. Even if my family and friends don't understand my passion for travel and miss me when I am gone they still support me and it means a lot to me!

3. I am thankful to be employed at a job I enjoy. Many people sadly cannot say the same thing. I  am also thankful for new oppertunities. As yall know by now I have the chance to go teach English in Colombia and I am jumping at that new experience to have some new adventures.

4. I am thankful that while I have many interests in life, I have found my one true PASSION even before I am 30! Traveling and seeing the world is the one thing that fulfills me more than anything else in the world. It is the thing that motivates me to go on to bigger and better things. In all likelihood I will never be a millionaire, I will never have a lot of material things, I may never even have a proper "career" or seem like a "normal,typical adult" but I know that as long as I continue to follow my heart and defy conventional thinking I will be really truly happy!

5. I am thankful to even be here. When I was born three months premature the doctors did not give me much hope for a life back in 1984 let alone a "normal" life. While I still do have a few issues medically I am walking,talking,breathing,functional human being! I don't take life for granted and am thankful for every minute because  I am lucky to even be alive!

6. I am thankful for crushed dreams and hopes. When I was younger all I ever wanted to do/be was in the military. I could think of nothing better than being able to serve my country and rise up in the ranks of the military. When I found out I was medically disqualified I was crushed. I was lost, I had no idea what to do with myself. Well now here I am all these years later and I have a new path and a new passion. Had I been in the military this may not have happened!

7. I am thankful for having the ability to take risks. When I first started traveling alone I was filled with doubt and uncertainty. I was scared because I was stepping into the unknown and out of the "normal,typical American box". But, the more I did it the more I realised how much happier I was with my life! I could have stayed home and not traveled or done anything because I was scared. Many people do that and it is most certainly an understandable reaction. But, those are the people that get to the end of their life and have to think "What if " if only I had done ___________ . I never have to say that.

8. I am thankful for randomness. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have met people on trains,buses,planes,on the street, anywhere and everywhere! Just by saying "hi" you have to have a certain kind of personality to do this but luckily it is one of my strong suits I have had so many great new friendships this way and some I know like Ben for example will be life long friends.

9. I am thankful for old friends,new friends and new experiences. I love trying new things in life. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't. I just love the fact that I have the ability to try. I have seen and done so many great things over the years and met so many great people simply by saying "yes" to something new and exciting.

10. I am thankful for the freedom of speech. I can bitch and moan in this blog if I want. I can criticize whatever I want within reason. I have the freedom to express my opinions even if you don't agree with them. I  love being from a country like America that yes certainly does have its fair share of problems but on the basic level still gives me rights and respects my human freedoms that some countries do not.

I wanted this to be a top ten list so I am making this a post script haha. I am thankful that I have learned how to LIVE and not only just how to simply exist.

Well that's it folks. Happy 2012 and I hope you like my list, think about your own list! take care,Tyler


  1. Sorry I'm just now reading this. Love the Top 10 list this year. Mom