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Monday, March 12, 2012

My Big Announcement (No I am not pregnant) :P

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX 6:00 AM
Fort Lauderdale, FL / Miami AREA9:35 AM

Fort Lauderdale, FL / Miami AREA10:35 AM
Bogota, Colombia1:11 PM

So now yall can see my big announcement! I have decided after a lot of thought I have decided to leave Thailand after six months here and return for a short visit back home to Texas for a month. I fly out of Thailand March 29th and will be in Texas until April 26th! I have had a great time in Thailand and it has been such a good learning experience to teach here. I have made a lot of great friends and I am really grateful to my housemate Noong and all my friends who have come to visit me. I will always love Asia in general and most certainly will return. Now it is just time for a change! Which is why I am moving to Bogota Colombia to teach English/learn Spanish and enjoy life in another new culture closer to home and with less of a complicated language barrier.

Thats's it really. -Tyler

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  1. you are super! i am just a lil weary about columbia. i am sure you are going to be fine. happy travel home and please keep us edged through your travel to bogota....