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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brad Pitt and Bob Marley

My friend Daniel from Sweden (or DS as I call him) has been staying here with me for almost a week now here in my sleepy little beach town. His father is from Africa and his mother from Sweden, he has dread locks and he looks very much like Bob Marley. The Thais love it haha. They have never seen anyone like him around these parts. Since I look like "Brad Pitt Superstar" we are quite the duo when we are cruising around on my motorbike haha. We met in New Zealand over a year ago and this is the first time I have gotten to see him since then so it has been really good! There is not a ton to do around here but I know for him especially, it is nice to relax and get off the "tourist trail". I am really glad I can show him "real" Thailand before he leaves.

Thus far I have taken him to school with me to meet the kids ( I was teaching the little ones so they loved having a visitor!) we have gone to the weekly market and I have been able to show him all the good (and some not so good lol) Thai food delicacies. We had planned to go to two different waterfalls but both times we failed! Once because we got totally lost and the second time due to weather so that was really a shame. They are quite neat actually! You can swim there too but the water is freezing! At least there is no jellyfish in the water there because DS and I were swimming in the ocean and I got my first ever jelly fish sting! It really hurt quite a bit. No fun at all :( I didn't have to pee so I couldn't pee on it and had no vinegar. Luckily Noong was with us and she knew some crazy home remedy where she got some green weed/leaf thing and crushed it up on my leg. It looked really gross but it really worked! Took the sting right out. Amazing huh?

I have also taken DS on some road trips to some nearby towns called Ban Krut (great beaches there) and another little town that doesn't have much except a temple and a few other things but we just wanted to go for the hell of it. Noong invited us to go to the temple in town here because they were having a celebration for Big Buddha Day ( I also didn't have to work, this country has so many public holidays haha) anyway they had a Buddhist ceremony that we got to take part in that was pretty cool. We just walked around the temple with lit candles but it was still cool. Then there was a carnival/festival thing just like you would have back at home. We played a shooting game with toy guns and I won six prizes! Being from Texas you have to know how to shoot lol.

We have had a good time so far and taken a lot of pictures that I will be putting on Facebook. He has a few days left so that is good. We still have time to watch a more movies (we just finished the whole Matrix Trilogy!) I hope all of you are healthy and happy ( I myself have a little head cold) those kids at school are germ factories! But I will live.... Still having fun :) The school semester is almost over now. We are in the home stretch now! The older kids are in testing now. All is well here though. Stay tuned in the next few days I have a big announcement coming...... yall take care,Tyler

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