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Friday, March 16, 2012

My last day of work!

Today was the last official day of work for me. I have an end of the year meeting to go too on Monday but as far as teaching I am done and done! I graded all my kids finals today and that was a lot of work. You see I had assumed that the Thai teachers would be doing all the end of the year testing since I have never had to give an official test at any point throughout the year. None of the school teachers or administration told me anything so I was just doing my thing ya know?

Wrong! 24 hours before they wanted the tests done they came to me and told me I had to make a 35 question final for my 6,7 year olds, my 8,9 year olds and my 10-12 year olds! So I was in a mad scramble to get all these tests ready for the kids. Then they took them all and I had to sit down and grade each test. They also had an "official English test" from the school so I had to grade that as well. Considering this was my first ever test that I had ever given I think I did fairly good job writing it up and the kids for the most part did well on it.

Then came the grading. I had to grade "my" exam that I made up plus the one the school gave out so it was a lot of grading! But I finally got it all knocked out. I found some surprising results actually, some kids who I thought would do amazing did not. Others who I was sure wouldn't do so well actually did pretty good. But overall I was proud of my kids and happy for them. My coworkers (the few I got to know) were really great and the school administration was great with everything except training,school supplies and communication haha. Nice people though.

As much as they drove me nuts sometimes (especially the little ones!) I really will miss my kids. For being a first year teacher with zero classroom experience, when I started (and zero training assistance) I think I did pretty good. I could tell that my kids were learning and that made me feel proud. I remember how nervous I was my first days teaching in a foreign country with a huge language barrier and zero training or experience but I have come a long way since then! I still have so much to learn but I am getting there....

I am excited for my next teaching adventure in Colombia starting in June. So until then I am going to enjoy my summer! :) yall take care,Tyler

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