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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OK I fibbed a little....

Well I said I was not going to blog again until after I left Thailand but I fibbed a little. I just wanted to write a short blog and thank Noong and all my friends from back in my little beach town for a great six months once more. I really have enjoyed my time here and certainly will be back because I would miss Thailand way too much to stay away forever! There is so many things I love about this country, the people,the food,the lifestyle,the cost of living. I could go on and on. Of course it is not prefect there is many things that frustrates me too! But, overall I have had a really good time!

My good mate Maurice  from Australia surprised me on my last day and came up to Bangkok to see me off. We saw a movie (John Carter) it was ok not horrible, not great. I also saw Hunger Games (ditto on the rating) and got all my shopping done. I have managed to pack my bags TOTALLY full but I made it underweight somehow lol. You know I think the taxi drivers here in Bangkok must have had some kind of crackdown on seat belt wearing because many taxis don't even have seat belts much less make you wear them (a scary thing sometimes with their driving!) but recently they have always reminded us to wear our selt belts.

I got my favourite meals before I left Thailand Radd Naa,Steam duck and baby clams, and Sticky rice with bbq pork. I even had spaghetti with basil leaves and mussels. It was all great! I love the food culture here and will really miss it. I will miss the freedom of driving my motorbike too :(  I write this at the airport with sadness in my heart that I am leaving Thailand but with happiness to know that I have my next adventure soon!

Goodbye (for now) to all my friends in Thailand, thanks a lot! Hello soon to all my American family and friends! :) I am so gonna eat and eat and eat food back home that does not have any rice or noodles lol.

Tyler over and out. Next time I write you I will be back on American soil for the first time in a while and this time around I am actually happy to be going home for a bit :).

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