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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Cost of living life in Thailand

This is gonna be a quick one because I am almost ready to leave for my weekend island trip (hard life I know :P) but, I wanted to let you know an average day here in Thailand looks like. I had lunch today for 3 USD,a taxi ride to the movies (there and back) cost me 4.25 USD and I went to see a movie but it wasn't playing. Had that movie been playing the ticket would have cost me 3 USD. I had a half hour massage for 4 USD and yesterday I had a half hour "Fish Massage" (little fish eat the dead skin cells on the bottom of your feet) yes it really is fun hehe. That cost me 3 USD. A large Beer here in 2 USD. Bottled water is never more than 1 USD at the most. Ice cream is 75 cents.

As you can see life is cheap as chips here and so far the only thing I hate is the humidity and the threat of being flooded. Not having proper bathrooms/toilet paper or consistent electricity is also a downside lol. Anyway I am off to the islands for the weekend so yall have fun. This is just a short little blog so I will fill yall in with more later!

Stay happy,Tyler

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