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Monday, November 07, 2011


Well it is that time again folks. Time for Traveling With Tyler Volume Two! I am now in Bangkok,Thailand looking to teach English here. First though I need to catch you up on my journey to get here. It all started with my week long trip to California. I had never been to California before and my flight to Bangkok was out of San Francisco so I decided to visit my good friend Sean Ryan who I met in Argentina. He lives in Coronado,California on an island just outside San Diego.

So he picked me up at the airport and the fun began. It was Halloween weekend so we decided to go to the L.A. area to meet with his friends and go to a party. My costume for Halloween this year was a Morph Suit (a full body skin tight suit that looks like a black and white tuxedo). Now obviously since it is skin tight there is no pockets or anything so I had SR carry all my stuff.

This plan was working out great until I got separated from him and his friends on my very first day in California without anything on me. I decided as logically as I could at the time that going to the police station and asking them for help would be a great idea lol. So I found my way there (I was pretty cold at this point) and told the police Sargent lady my problem. She agreed to look up SR on Facebook for me and actually succeeded in finding him on there. The only problem was that his phone number was not listed.

From there my problems got worse. I really had to pee and unfortunately when you are wearing that suit the zipper is in the back and completely unreachable by yourself. So I politely asked the police lady to unzip me so I could pee but she said no lol. Well she wasn't of much help from that point on so I left the station and literally stumbled into the arms of my friends so I was saved! it was quite the adventure haha. The next night out I wore a costume with pockets and had no further issues :P

After our partying we went back to Coronado to recharge our batteries. I really enjoyed staying with SR on the island and just relaxing. I took some great pictures which I have put on Facebook.I also did the touristy thing and went to San Diego proper and looked around. It was really fun and the weather was amazing, I was in shorts and a T shirt the whole time!

I left SR's place three days before I was to fly out to Bangkok. I traveled to San Francisco to see another friend of mine and the weather was much colder there but I still had a great time! I visited all the typical tourist stuff and even got to see Alcatraz which was really really neat! Next I will tell you about how totally wrong I have been about China all this time....


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