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Monday, November 07, 2011


Well here I am finally arrived in Bangkok! But I have a lot of drama to fill you in on. Amber,Sarah,Rob and myself are all here in Thailand we met Amber's roommate Melissa here in Bangkok. Well we got off our flight from Beijing and soon found out that half the plan didn't get their bags! us included :( So I have been here for two days with nothing but my money and my carry on and the clothes on my back. They assure us they are getting our bags here but we haven't seen them as of yet. We didn't even get settled into a guest house until 5am!

I am glad to be here in one piece and having a great time with my new friends (and seeing some old friends from last time) but because of the flooding here in Thailand the school year has been put on hold. The flood water has not reached where I am yet but much of Bangkok is underwater. There is a slight water shortage here in Bangkok but I am still getting enough to drink (many of the street vendors have bought up huge stocks of water and are selling them at higher prices) but I can still buy Gatorade and other things at normal prices.

Bangkok is subdued and quiet because of the floods. I am in no danger and I am dry, Most things are functioning normally but I can feel a definite difference here in Thailand. I feel bad for the people but not being able to speak Thai there is not much I can do. I want to help but I feel that I would be in the way really. I don't have a job as of yet (and no clothes to go interview in) but, I have been told that many of the teachers have left Bangkok due to the flooding so it should be easy for me to get a job I hope. I am also going to be looking for a permanent place to stay soon but due to the floods I won't be able to find anything until this all blows over because all of the displaced Thais have taken the apartments for now.

That is all I have for you now but I am doing fine and just trying to adjust to this damn humidity and getting familar with with Bangkok and the craziness again but I am having fun and will keep yall updated. I have been eating good and getting enough to drink. I have a place to stay and a shower (not a hot one but don't need it!) Soon I will post pictures of Thailand on Facebook.

Yall take care until next time, Your once again Traveling Texan,Tyler

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