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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back in Bangkok!

So I guess its time for a little update. I left Bangkok last week due to the still ever present threat of flooding (Hasn't happened yet Thank God) and went with Amber,Melissa and Sarah down south to an island called Ko Phangan for the annual Full Moon Party (Every month on the cycle of the full moon) only this one was extra special because it was 11/11/11!

So we took a two hour bus ride from Bangkok and a two ferry ride and soon enough we were on the island! We got settled into our guest house which was right on the beach and totally peaceful and amazing (pictures to come) and then as night came we went down to the party on the beach. It was absolutely massive! There was 20,000 people there!

I got my face painted and got all fixed up and was ready to party :) we spent the night walking around and having fun and having a few drinks, we got to watch fire dancers and had a really great time. After my weekend on the island I  took the reverse bus/ferry journey arrived back to Bangkok and am now back on the job hunt (schools are still closed but where I am staying still has not flooded.) and looking for a permanent place to stay.

Amber and Melissa had to go back home to America and Sarah stayed one more week down on the island. On the way home to Bangkok I met a really cool couple of Aussie's,a couple of Americans from Denver, two Danish guys, a couple of really cool local Thais headed back to Bangkok and one super amazing French Dive Instructor named Sarah. If you can't tell already I love to chat to people haha.

One of the hardest things about traveling is coming to terms with the fact that you will meet some really amazing people and have a great time with them,get on so well together and then you have to split up, possibly never seeing them again. It is hard but necessary.  I have many many great friends from around the world and lasting memories with people that I just had a brief moment in time with. Traveling forces you to live in the moment, in the here and now. Although there is times where you meet people again and again and that makes it all the more great when you do. I won't forget the people I have met thus far nor the ones I will continue to meet.

The humidity is pretty horrible right now but other than that I am happy healthy, and hopefully will have more to report soon. -Tyler

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