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Monday, October 04, 2010

One month to go.......

Well today is my 11 month anniversary here which means I have exactly one month left here :( it has gone so crazy fast I can't even believe it! In just a month I will be in New Zealand and have to leave Oz behind. I really have grown to like it here. This weekend was Ben's farewell party. He is leaving tomorrow to go to Fiji and then we will meet up back here in ten days. We went out with work friends and had a really good time. We actually just recently started hanging out with them which is a shame because they are a good bunch of people and while our living situation is pretty good, we have a nice house to live in for now and it is close to work and everything we need, our social life has not been all that active since we moved to Brisbane five months ago ( I can't believe its been that long!) the plus side is that we have been able to save a decent amount of money for our ongoing travels.

I met Ben back in December in Sydney and we started traveling together regularly in April. It has been nice to have someone to travel with since I did come to Australia alone (as did he). This two week "break" will be the longest we have been apart in quite a while. It will be weird once he is gone haha. He really has been a good mate to me. As much as we have traveled together we have never really gotten in a big fight about anything. We have had minor disagreements just like anyone and almost had a punch out over Brussel sprouts in Coles haha but all has been well. I have already been to Fiji so I decided I would stay here and make some more money while he went and explored Fiji. We will be back on track when he gets back in two weeks.

I had the strangest dream I have had in a long long time over the weekend. It was like something out of CSI lol. I had a dream that I was with a female friend of mine and something bad happened to her. In my dream I didn't see what happened but I did see the guy who I thought had hurt her so I proceeded to beat him up and the cops ended up coming and arresting ME. They didn't believe my story that the other guy was the one who had hurt her and I kept protesting that I was just trying to protect my friend but they decided to take me to jail anyway and let him go! I woke up in cold sweats as they were taking me off to prison. I hadn't been watching any movies or anything, nothing that I can think of bring on this weirdness lol. Ever since I saw the movie Inception I have been hyper aware of all my dreams and now I always realise that the movie was totally right about something. If you think about it you never really know how you get in your dream (like the setting) so my friend and I we were in a park but I have no idea how we got to that park. Then my dream ended with me being transported to jail. Strange huh?

On Sunday we also saw the new movie (new here anyway) Dinner for Schmucks. It was the comedy with Steve Carrel. It was about an office worker who wants a promotion (Paul Rudd) the only catch is he has to bring an idiot to dinner so they can unwittingly make fun of them. Only Steve's character was such an idiot he didn't realise that the whole dinner was actually making fun of him and others. His character just thought it was all full of talented people haha. It was really funny! It came out on the 30th of July back in America though so it took forever to get here! I would recommend it for a laugh though. I give it 3 or 4 stars out of 5. 

I guess thats all I have for now. October is gonna fly by I feel. I will blog more soon. Yall take care,Tyler

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