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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

Hey I didn't want this to get lost in my last blog post because I think it deserves its own post. I wanted to talk about the kindness of strangers. I have been traveling since last November and I started out alone but I have never really actually been alone for long. I consider it a blessing that I am the kind of person who can really meet people easily and I am open minded and friendly and easy to talk too. Some people are "glass half empty" people and not very trusting and always assume the worst but not me. I like to think that I am smart enough not too be TOO trusting but also good with people. I haven't had a single problem yet, anywhere in this world. There is still good people in this world.

I have met multiple people on trains,planes,bus,whatever... I stayed in Sydney with an amazing girl I met on the flight from LA to Sydney. She was my seat mate and a great girl! We had 15 hours to get to know each other lol She needed someone to help her move house and I needed a place to stay when I got to Australia so I helped her move house and once we got moved she opened her house to me and let me stay with her. I had a great time there and she did so much for me. I wont forget her or her awesome flat mates. They really made my stay in Sydney good :)

I actually met Ben on the bus in Sydney. He was looking lost and at a map. I figured I would help him out so I did and we struck up a conversation. Now here we are almost a year later traveling together and best mates :) I have gotten free rides and/or accommodation and meals from people I have met on the street or public transport whatever. Once I even got a free ride on a public city bus from a nice driver.  There is nice people everywhere willing to help you if you are just open to it and nice in return. Sure not EVERYONE in this world is nice and you can't expect all of the world to be a paradise but in general overall I think people are just good.

Just today in fact on the train I started talking to the guy sitting across from me and we had a great conversation about travel and life for a half hour on the train. He was from South Africa and I am sure I will never see him again but it was nice just to chat. Some people fad from your life right away after one good interaction but others like my mates I met in Thailand are going to be mates for life! You just never know. Stay positive and give it a go! My good mate Bernie has opened his home to Ben and I for quite a while now and really helped us out so we definitely appreciate it! He has showed us around Brisbane when we were new here and gave us lots of good tips. He really took "Mi Casa Su Casa" to heart! We wont forget him for sure.

Well thats all I got for now I just wanted to mention that. Yall take care and do me a favour. Go out and meet someone new! Seriously, wherever you live just talk to a stranger. Strike up a conversation about anything and see where it goes. You might be pleasantly surprised. :) -Tyler

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