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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frazer Island and Various

I know it has been a while since I have blogged but, I have been on the road with Ben and our new mate Heiner and we have been traveling up the east coast of Australia and so far have seen Hervey Bay/Frazer Island,Airlie Beach (Where we are now)Bundaberg, and next is Townsville then off to Cairns. In Bundaberg we had an amazing place RIGHT on the ocean it was great! We have gotten a ride share with Heiner and stayed with some of Ben's mate from couch surfing so this has saved us a huge amount of money so far :)

Frazer Island was amazing and I got some great pictures which I will load on facebook as soon as I get a chance. We had a great tour guide and got to swim in a really cool place along with seeing a real live wild dingo. We are planning on doing a 3 day 2 night island tour here in Airlie Beach here that is really cheap actually! So I am taking advantage as much as possible my last two weeks here in Australia :( I will miss it here and I already miss Brisbane. The weather here has been amazing (minus today when it rained) It has been 26-30 degrees so far that is 85-90 degrees for my American readers. So it is just spring here but it is getting hot!

I may have blogged about this before but in the cities here in Australia it is SO hard to find a public toilet and/or free tap water. Because they charge for water they refuse to give you any tap water for free and toilets are not for public use the majority of the time so it sucks and makes me angry! Cell phone reception is another problem here in Oz. Australia has 21 million-ish people and almost all the people are clustered around the edges of the country with almost no one in the middle so cell phone reception is spotty in Australia. You get great reception in the cities but, once your out of the city it goes to zero! It is quite frustrating!

Our total trip will be roughly 1700 K's/ 3000 miles from Brisbane to Cairns and so far we have seen 11 dead kangaroos on the road. It really helps if you get behind the big 18 wheelers and let them clear the way wind wise and road kill wise. You go slower but, our camper van was built in 1979 and it just fits the 3 of us to sleep in so its not like we are speed demons haha. But, we have gotten a cheap ride up the coast (splitting everything 3 ways) and free accommodation most places thru couch surfing which is great! so things have worked out so far.

I have much more to say but I will end it for now and try and keep in touch as much as possible. I will update you hopefully once I get up to Townsville with everything that has happened thus far. Take care,Tyler


  1. It really is 'paradise' up that way Ty :) Am so glad you like it :)


  2. I'm so glad you r doing well. Keep us posted. Can't wait till next blog. Miss you Tyler . Take care.

    Kazue aka daisy aka kitty!