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Monday, October 11, 2010

It is fast coming to an end.....

Well my time in Brisbane (and Australia in general) is fast coming to an end! I gave my notice at work and my last day is Friday. I have been here in Oz for 11 months now and just have a few weeks left! On Sat. Ben and I will travel from here to Bundaberg and stay there for a few days before going to Fraser island for a day tour. After that we will head to Airlie Beach/Whit Sundays for a few days then on to Townsville. Gotta turn in my tax stuff in The Ville' before I leave Oz. Then after that we are off to Cairns where I fly out to New Zealand. Wish I could stay in Oz but my visa is expiring :( Ben will go off to Asia and we will meet up in New Zealand back in January and start planning hardcore for South America since we fly into Chile in April! Wish us luck!

I am going to make this officially my shortest blog ever. Just  one paragraph and I am done for now lol. Thats it.


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