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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Long Weekend!

Monday was a public holiday for us here in Thailand it was Teacher's Day so I had the day off and the previous Friday was Children's Day so I also had the day off. They love their public holidays in Thailand! I went with my friend Maurice and my house mate Noong along with our other house mate Nel to a beach called Bang Berd. This was my longest journey by motorbike thus far. It was 75 kilometers round trip or 46 miles! After that long on a motorbike your butt starts to get really sore haha.
On the way home Maurice (my Australian friend I met here) had lunch at an outside market and we had a chicken that had the feet and head still attached! It was such a good chicken though :) I also had one of the craziest dishes I have had thus far. I wish I would have remembered to get a picture of this! It was sweet whole corn (not corn on the cob) and it looked great! But, then the lady started to add sugar to it and butter and chocolate sauce with sprinkles! I thought oh my Lord that is going to be horrible haha. But it was so good :) man that was one of the best desserts I have had here.

On my days off I also took Maurice to the caves here in town (the caves from my Facebook pictures) and we really enjoyed that. He liked feeding the sacred catfish as much as I did the first time I did it. After seeing these caves for the third time now though I am all caved out! Maurice and I also went to a beach town down the road a few clicks. We went to Ban Krut and it was really nice and different from my little town. We spent a good day in the ocean and on the beach. In contrast to my previous two hour almost fifty mile round trip journey this time we were only on the motorbike for about a half hour. So now I have explored most of this local area. There is one notable exception though. I have been wanting to go to a local island called Koh Talu but haven't been able to do so because the weather hasn't been right for the trip out.

Well we finally had a great day to go do it and we rung up a local guy who claimed to have a boat to take us out there. He was charging a pretty fair price so we said ok. He said he would pick us up at 9am. We waited and thirty minutes pasted. Then he said he would pick us up at 10am. We were frustrated but this is Thailand this happens all the time so it was not a huge deal to wait an extra hour. Then at 10:30am he calls me and says he is canceling the whole trip and gave us no reason why! We were really angry and frustrated but here this happens all too often and there is nothing you can do about it. At least we didn't lose any money and only time. So, instead of doing that I went into town and bought a replacement phone charger (I got sold a fake non functioning one in Bangkok,damn the luck!) and fixed my motorbike (even though it is a rental I am responsible for anything that needs fixing it seems) luckily I only needed to add brake fluid and fix my license plate that was falling off. Both of those things cost me the equivalent of 1 USD.

Noong has been stuffing Maurice and I to the gills with great food and we plan to take her out for a proper dinner soon to say thanks for her. I do enjoy living here and I am very lucky to have found her. The last place I want to visit that I haven't been able to so far, is Hua Hin. So that is on the list for soon-ish. I have heard they have a great night market there. I love all the fresh food and neat stuff you can find there. Well that is about all I have for you now. I am just back at work back to the norm. I am taking Maurice with me to school tomorrow to meet the kids and that should be good. Yall take care,Tyler

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  1. How many people did you pack on the scooter for the trip? You know how I LOVE chocolate - but somehow can't imagine it on corn. You'll have to fix it for us when you return. Love always, mom