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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Back to Bangkok!

Well lets see, where did I last leave you? Ah after my trip from Hell! Well I came home and met a new friend. One of the regulars who lives here in  my little town has a son who lives in New York so he was over here visiting his dad and we decided to hang out. Hugh was a really cool guy and I had a great time showing him around town and just hanging out. Well being in a small town life gets a little suffocating sometimes so we decided to leave to the Big City. But before we left I decided to take Hugh to my school to meet the kids. They had never met anyone from New York before so they loved it! It was really good to have a visitor for show and tell haha. He told them all about his life and his job (Advertising/graphic designer) and I let them ask him questions. It was a good time

Back to Bangkok! He had never been there before so I volunteered to play tour guide. After our seven hour bus journey we got there to Bangkok and got settled into my favourite guest house.
From there I took him on a canal tour of the river in Bangkok ( I was really saddened to see that it was covered in litter and trash, people just don't respect the environment here!) then we saw the floating shopping market and the Sitting Buddha. I took him around the typical touristy stuff but we only had 1.5 days to do it in! I made sure we hit up my favourite restaurants (for the steamed duck and baby clams!mmmmm) and got the best food and drinks. I took him to my awesome fruit shake lady and saw all my friends in Bangkok and hung out. I also told him he has to do some shopping at the huge shopping mall MBK.

My train ride back home from Bangkok was uneventful but really long. We were delayed and I was not able to get the sleeper train which means I had a nine hour journey in an uncomfortable sitting only seat. Train travel in Thailand in first class is actually pretty good. In second, it is ok and in third class is pretty terrible! The trains are not the most modern or comfortable (in second and third class the windows are always open to let air in) so you get smoke and smog and dust all over you, the toilets are just holes that lead down thru the train onto the tracks! But anyway its a cheap (fairly reliable) way to get around.

I know I didn't cover much in this little update but now I am back home and back to work again! Yall take care and happy 2012-Ty

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  1. Boy Tyler, there is a lot of time consumed just getting from point A to point B. Stay safe bro.