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Monday, January 16, 2012

The going's on in my life...

Well, lately since my holiday from Hell I have been pretty boring but I wanted to give you a little update anyway. Things are still going well at school, I am teaching the older kids about contractions and the funny rules of English having to do with "too,two and to" and "their,there,they're". I can imagine trying to newly learn English that must be hard, three different words that sound exactly the same but are spelled different and mean different things! I know the kids thought my lesson was boring (mostly because I made them write it all down haha) but I think it is really important to know!

Recently, after school I left (after saying "see you tomorrow" to about 100 kids as usual haha) to go get something to eat. So I stopped into the little street stall that looked pretty good, now I freely admit my Thai is pretty bad so when they say something to me I don't understand I generally reply with a "yes'' in Thai. nine times out of ten I have still gotten pretty good food that way. Well It happened there and the woman I assumed recommended me some food. I could understand that whatever she was giving me came with rice so I was pretty happy. Well soon she brought out a whole cooked fish! the head, the eyes,everything! It also had all the bones inside! It was good but certainly not what I am used too lol.

After I was done I went to pay her for my meal (50 baht, thats less than two USD for rice and a whole fish and water!) but I had forgotten my wallet! I can't remember a time in my life where I have forgotten my wallet! It was really embarrassing and I had no idea what to do since I couldn't communicate with this woman! So I had to call my house mate and tell her what happened and she laughed and came into town to save me thank God! Then all was well until that night at dinner and I had chili pepper on my hand and accidentally rubbed my eye. It hurt REALLY bad! After flushing it with water I was fine though. That will be the last time I ever touch my eye at dinner!

I got a birthday card from my grandparents which was sweet of them and really nice and now since Hugh (my friend from NY) has left, I have a friend from Australia coming to visit me here and also fairly soon a friend from Sweden and one from England! So I am excited to see some of my friends again. Friday (today) we will have "student day" at school so we have a party and monday is yet another Public Holiday here (they love their holidays in Thailand!) so I don't have to work. Tomorrow I will be going to a cool beach fairly close to here called Bang Berd. It should be nice. I also plan to take Maurice to Ban Krut (another beach fairly close to here) and to the local caves we have here. Busy few days ahead of me!

Today I was driving home from the store on my motorbike and it was quite windy. So windy in fact that one of my bags of groceries flew right out! My ice cream landed right in the middle of the highway! Luckily it didn't hit anyone and no one ran it over! I was able to save my precious cargo and be on my way haha. I did make a few other odd observations I wanted to mention. Here in Thailand if you buy a bag of chips/crisps/whatever you choose to call it. It is almost impossible to pinch the two ends of the bag and pull them apart and open like we would at home. It is so strange because the bags physically look the same as ours and are made of similar material but I think they are thicker and more air filled because the only way to open them is to rip the bag vertically! Weird huh? Also, I wanted to mention that I have been to many different countries each with it's own set of unique laws as you know.

Texas and America in general have some odd liquor laws but Thailand takes the cake! At my local Tesco/Lotus (Thailand mini Walmart equivalent) you are allowed to buy alcohol between the hours of 11am and 2 pm and 7pm to midnight seven days a week. But, NOT between the hours of 11:01am and 6:59pm. So strange! Ok, one last night. I have told you many things about driving here in Thailand and I have been doing just fine now that I have my own motorbike and have learned the quote, unquote "rules" of the road here haha. It is crazy but you get used to it. Well one that really is no fun is that there is zero emission controls for vehicles here that I can tell so if you get stuck behind a big polluting slow bus or truck and you are on a motorbike it really sucks!

Well I guess that is all for now, yall take care til next time,Tyler

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  1. We used to ride our bikes behind the trucks spraying for mosquitoes, so hopefully you're not breathing in too much poison. Funny about the ice cream - wish I could have seen that. Love ya, momo