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Saturday, January 23, 2010

My weekend so far

I know I haven't blogged in a while I have just been busy with work and really had nothing to blog about haha. But here goes... 

Today I was meant to go to the beach with some friends but the weather turned bad and my plans with friends fell through. This would really bother some people being alone but, traveling alone for a whole year I have really learned how to occupy time by myself and hang out alone and be ok with it. So I went to Subway for some breakfast and at the risk of getting my dear mother a little emotion I will explain what happened next.

So I discovered that Subway just recently has started offering cinnamon rolls for breakfast and they are really really good. They totally remind me of sat/Sunday mornings back at home when I was growing up and mom would have hot cinnamon rolls ready for me to eat once I decided to roll my lazy butt outta bed :) So it was a nice taste of home so to speak.

After that I decided to treat myself to my first Sydney museum. I had a coupon/voucher for The Prison and Justice Museum down by the Quay here in Sydney so I got in for under 7 bucks it was a great deal! They had some really interesting stuff there, neat old stuff and new stuff and a really cool exhibit on women criminals from the 1890's to present. Prisoners sure are inventive with their time sitting in those cells. It is amazing what they make to kill each other lol. There was even a female who pretended to be male ( and she did look quite manly) she would marry women and then rob them blind!

After I left the museum I was walking home and I passed Ken a homeless guy I see quite regularly. He is always in the same spot asking for money. Sometimes I give him money and sometimes I dont. He seems like a nice enough guy but there doesn't really seem to be anything physically or mentally wrong with him. I think he is just lazy looking for a handout. I wish he would get motivated to improve his situation. Anyway, here in Sydney every so often I run across those super religious people and he went up to Ken and started preaching to him about how he was gonna go to Hell and stuff. This was a very interesting exchange to watch because Ken wanted money from the guy and the guy wanted to save Ken's soul. Neither was willing to budge on their position haha. I didn't stay to watch the whole thing but I assume Ken got no money and the guy still thinks Ken is going to Hell lol.

Later tonight I will be going out for drinks with a couple of bud's of mine and also in less than 2 weeks I start my 6 week trek to Asia!  I am excited :) so yall take care enjoy your weekend. -Tyler

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  1. I wonder if the US subways offer cinammon rolls? I will check it out. Sounds like a fun and interesting day. Keep on blogging - we love reading about everything.
    Love you and miss you. Mom