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Friday, January 15, 2010

Just a little update

I know I haven't blogged in a while but, I have been busy with work since I came back from Christmas holidays. I am glad to be working though. Just a little over 2 weeks from now I will have my holiday with friends to Asia and I am excited about that! I do have a few things to talk about though.

First off I wanted to discuss the birds. No not the Alfred Hitchcock movie, I am talking about the bird that lives outside my window. It is either a crow or a magpie. Now really I have never had any issues with birds before but, since living here we have no air conditioning and no fan so sounds really carry far here. I usually sleep like a rock but this demonic bird which I am pretty sure is possessed by some kind of evil spirit makes a noise like "caw, caw, caw"! really really loud. The agonizing part is I can hear this bird very clearly but I cant see it. This bird isn't limited by day or night it goes off all hours. I mean what kind of crazy animal is this?! I am prohibited from owning fire arms while I am here in Australia and even if I could get one it would be very hard here in Australia they are pretty strict about it but, if I could get any kind of fire arm I wouldn't think twice about blowing that bird into next week and smiling while I do it!

Next I wanna talk about the street light sensors. You know the "red man,green man" that lights up when you can cross the street. In America they dont make any audible noise they just light up but here in Australia they make a clicking noise to help blind people which is good I guess. But, here in Sydney the amount of time you have to cross the street is about 2.3 seconds so everyone jay walks here its just what you do. But, if I jaywalk I do it rarely and I do it safely a lot of people just run in front of cars! The weird thing is even I am guilty of doing this, you will get up to an intersection and push the button to cross the street. You push the button even though there is people there waiting to cross the street so they clearly pushed the button before you. So the crosswalk button gets pushed about 900 times when it only needs to be pushed once haha.

I really do have a good job, they pay me a lot of money for what I do. I do a lot of things but the majority of my job consists of putting stickers on boxes. That is simplifying it a little bit but that is basically what I do. Well as you can imagine after 3+ months of doing this it is starting to get boring so the guys I work with and I we have created the "Stickering Olympics". We do races to see who can sticker a box the fastest, sticker the straightest, sticker with your eyes closed, behind your back etc.... I have gotten pretty good! It breaks up the boring job  somewhat :)

The last thing I wanted to mention is the Internet access here in Australia. The Internet was created in America in 1969 but really rose to prominence in the 90's. Back home you pay X amount of dollars per month and you get Internet access for as long as you want for whatever you want. The Internet is so ingrained in culture now that it really seems more like a God given right and not a privilege huh?  I guess we are a little spoiled. Well here in Australia you pay X amount of dollars per  month and you get X amount of Internet. So basically if yo go over your monthly "limit"they dont cut you off but they slow your Internet WAY down. It sucks. To me it seems so restrictive and unfair I dont like it at all but over here it is just accepted I guess. I know in America that would NEVER fly. We love our unrestricted Internet too much lol.

Ok that is all for today yall have a good weekend,Tyler


  1. The bird outside your window is a crow, they are quite common.
    Australia has the slowest and the most costly internet in the world.
    Regards. John S. Adelaide.

  2. You need to get a slingshot and some rocks and teach that crow who's boss!! Lucas would be all over that. If you can sleep through an earthquake, this bird must be incredibly loud.
    I love reading the blog - keep it up.
    Love ya, mom