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Monday, January 11, 2010


This was my first Monday back at work and it was a Monday. But it really wasn't a bad day at all considering it was first day of the new week. Over the weekend I went to Bondi Beach with my new American friend from Boston, he is a cool guy and it was good hanging out at the beach and just relaxing.

Friday night I went to Hyde Park in Sydney for a free music festival and it was huge! there was a ton of people there and a ton of acts there. The best part was I got to see Al Green! You know, one of the God Father's of soul music :) it was really good.

Really I am just working and doing the usually until Feb when I am on to Asia. This will be a short update because I really have nothing else to say haha. Well yall take care.

Oh Good news, the postal and bus strikes ended Jan 2nd so everything I need is working again :) -Tyler


  1. I just now looked at the Blue Mtn. photos. Really awesome. So glad you're getting the chance to experience all these things. I'd love to tag along for a few weeks of that.... inez

  2. I can't believe Al Green is still doing concerts. Back in college in 1972-73, he was our favorite.
    Keep having fun so we can all live vicariously through you. Love ya, mom