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Monday, July 16, 2012

It has been almost two weeks!

I can't hardly believe it myself but it has been nearly two weeks since yall have heard from me! I have just been really busy I do apologize. Not busy with anything in particular mind you, just life. Work was slow for a bit due to summer holidays here but it has been picking up lately. I have been doing some traveling in and around Bogota (when weather and traffic permit,that is) Also I met a now dear friend of mine. We met here in Bogota, Mark of Click Here is a really good guy. He found me via my blog and then we met up here in Bogota. He is a Canadian/American (Born in Canada,moved to The States for most of his life and now lives in Toronto Canada).

Anyway, he is driving his Nissan Xterra from Toronto Canada to the bottom of South America! That is well over 30,000 miles! and he is alone. He is one of adventure for sure. He had roughly 1.5 weeks in Bogota and we spent a lot of time going out and having fun. I showed him around my newly adopted city. He is pretty used to driving in Latin America now since he has made it through Mexico and most of Central America. My hat is off to him though, I could never deal with the insane drivers here! They are so impatient and they will honk at you BEFORE the light is even green. The whole city honks and it is so annoying! They will drive all over the road and have zero respect for pedestrians. It is wild!

I have seen a few traffic accidents here (an amazingly small amount considering how they drive here!) Well the other day I saw a bad one. A real bad one. I only came upon it after it happened but to me it looked like a car had hit a guy on a motorcycle and the guy on the motorcycle was not moving at all. :( Helmets are 100% required by law here and everyone wears one but in this case I am not sure how much it helped. :( I hoped for the best for that guy though.

This weekend is a public holiday here, yes again haha. (Colombian Independence Day this time) and I am going with a friend of mine and one of my clients to a part of Colombia called Boyacya about four hours from Bogota. My client owns a hostel up there and we are going to have a nice relaxing weekend up there and I am excited to get away again for a while even if it is just for a short time.

I am seeing someone new now. We only just started seeing each other recently so I don't want to jump the gun and jinx myself just yet but I figured I would let yall know. She is really nice and we are having a good time so far. She speaks only Spanish and no English so as you can imagine my Spanish is improving rapidly haha :P no other big news to report though.

Take care out there wherever you might be, my dear readers! -Tyler


  1. Being crazy doesn't hurt, they say, but driving through South America does sound potentially painful :-)
    As for the new girl, good luck! Entonces, podemos hablar espaƱol juntos? I need a good practice myself, lol.