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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tom Petty and The Beavers

I know, I know it is Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers but I went with my dad and uncle and cousin to wage war on some beavers this past weekend. More on that later, first I want to tell you about the best concert of my life! I bought two tickets to see Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers when I was in Thailand. I have always dreamed of seeing him my whole life and I knew if I didn't see him now I might never get the chance. So I jumped on the chance even though the tickets were expensive it was so worth it! This concert was not even in Texas, it was in Arkansas so we had to drive 700 miles round trip just to go. It was worth every mile though! Tom (and The Heartbreakers) put on an amazing show! I got see a band that I have literally grown up on, my dad was having me listen to Tom Petty from the time I was just knee high. I knew every word to almost every song and so did the most of the rest of the audience. It was a sold out crowd of 15 or 20 thousand and everyone was into it!

The best part of the whole deal is I got to go and spend time with my dear old dad and I know that when he is 80 years old and when I am 80 years old we will both look back on our lives and remember what a great time we had at that concert. It was so amazing when Tom would just be silent and let the audience sing part of the songs. He is 61 or 62 years old but he looked and acted like he was 32! He feeds off the energy of the crowd and is always so relaxed (I bet its because I highly doubt it was cigarettes that we saw him smoking haha) You would think that all that smoking would tear up his voice but after 40 years of hard living and touring I highly doubt he is going to change now lol. He was such a great showman and has an amazing band to back him up. After 35+ years together they are just so in sync with each other.

My only complaints are that I didn't spend more money to get floor tickets, they didn't face any kind of big TV screen towards our section (though we were close enough to see him pretty well) and leaving the concert it took us like 45 minutes to find a taxi! I did get myself an awesome shirt though :) So overall I had an amazing time and I am going to put a little clip on here uploaded from another concert goer so yall can get a little taste of this. Oh ya, one other thing I will never forget, Most people these days don't have real lighters anymore to bring to concerts but it was amazing to look out and see all the iphones waving and glowing in the dark haha.

Now onto the beavers... So, before we went to the concert this past Saturday my dad and I decided to drive down to the Texas/Arkansas border because my uncle has a place down there so we spent the night there to break up the drive. Well we found out he had a beaver problem when we got there. Apparently some beavers had dammed up his lake so badly that he couldn't even drain any water off of it. Well we knew where their lodge was so the first thing we did is get some diesel fuel and burn their house down. They were not inside at the time but we found out that they had tunneled more than four feet deep into my uncle's levy and about 45% of the way thru it, that is about ten feet long!  These beavers were machines! Not only had they done that but they had also totally clogged his outlet pipe so he could not raise or lower the water level at all so it took us quite a while but we finally got that unclogged. We never did see a single beaver but there was serious evidence that they were around so we set some traps and hopefully he was get those sneaky beavers and get them out of there! Luckily now at least he can drain his lake!

So I had a great weekend needless to say, went to the best concert of my life and spent some quality father son time and in 24 hours I will be in Bogota! I have had a great stopover here in Texas and was so glad I got to see all my family and friends :) -Ty

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  1. I know Dad loved spending time with his "#1 son". Glad to know you have wonderful memories. We're very proud of you. Love ya, mom