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Thursday, April 26, 2012


I made it alive and in one piece to Bogota! I had a few dramas with boarding my flight because they FORCED me to purchase a return flight back to America even though I had no idea when I was coming back. I found out only later that Colombia MAY check for a return flight but it is not REQUIRED like my stupid airline forced me to believe. Well luckily I was able to cancel the return half and get my money back.  Other than that, nothing too major happened and the security process both at home and in Colombia was a breeze in both countries the security people were nice and friendly. When I got to customs in Colombia I got a very friendly and heartfelt  "Welcome to Colombia Sir" and not just a "Next in line!".

I look forward to seeing more of my friends here and making new ones. Everyone is so friendly here thus far and my friend is so nice for hosting me. Soon I will be working and everything will be well in the world. I am hoping to have my own place and steady job hours very soon. So far so good in my new country :) Soon I will be writing a "newcomers" blog post about my experiences here. One last thing, I am raving about how great Colombia is, and it is... but, there is still dangers of course. It is not the safest country in the world but, as long as you are smart and don't do anything stupid, generally speaking you will be alright. Bad things can happen to good people anywhere! I got pick pocketed in Buenas Aires but never (So far knock on wood) in Colombia. Basically I am saying that you should NOT believe everything you read/hear about Colombia and you should give this wonderful country (and people) a chance but, you also need to be smart...

That's all for now, til next time-Tyler

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