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Monday, April 02, 2012

Adjusting to home

Well I have been home a few days now and am slowly readjusting to Texas time zone and food. Those are always the biggest hurdles for me. After six months of eating rice and noodles almost everyday my stomach is just not used to this American diet again. It is amazing how adaptive your stomach is and how hard it is to go back to "normal" American food. In Thailand their food is so fresh and natural because they shop at daily open air markets and not traditional grocery stores so they don't have any prepackaged or shot up with hormones or chemical additives. But, back in America like it or not most of our food is shipped to grocery stores,prepackaged, shot up with hormones and chemical additives :( Thailand is also 12/13 hours ahead of Texas so right now my body is still "in the future" so to speak.

All has not been bad though! I have gotten to see my family and soon for Easter holidays I will go down and see the rest of my extended family which is good. I have slowly but surely been visiting my friends with the time I have left here in Texas until I leave on April 26th. I still have more people to see and more things to do. Lots more to eat once my stomach gets better but, I am getting there! My family is generally same same as they say in Thailand. But, no news is good news right? My brother is growing like a weed and almost out of high school! Of course the town I grew up in is ever changing now but generally things are pretty much the same.

I do miss Thailand though. I miss the people and the culture. I miss my friends and Noong especially. I miss the care free life style and not being told what I can and can't do and treated like an adult with common sense and not a child. I miss driving my motorbike as fast as I wanted, any way I wanted. I miss the great food culture and eating things people would never touch over here! I miss the great weather and I miss my beach friends. I also miss my kids at school who sometimes drove me nuts but overall were great kids. I really do look forward to my next adventure in Colombia but I will miss many things about Thailand and certainly do cherish my learning experiences of living and working there.

As they say in Thai, râm laa or in English, goodbye til next time. -Tyler

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