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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I thought I would break from the usual and tell you about what and who inspires me. Firstly, anyone with a willingness to follow their heart, to break convention and get outside the box that society tries to make for each of us. There are certain famous people I look up too, people who actually try and lead decent lives in spite of their fame. Tom Hanks is a really good example. Generally speaking though it is the little people, the regular non famous people trying to make a difference that really inspire me. There is a website, and it is chock full of motivational speeches and things from regular people and famous people trying to make a difference in this world with amazing ideas.

There are certain movies that really inspire me to live my life differently, American Beauty is one of my favourite examples of this. Another great movie about free will and living your life your way is The Adjustment Bureau. They are great movies and I really recommend them to everyone. It really takes a lot of courage to change your life and do something totally different. Many people talk about doing it but never do. I have personal experience with this. Three years ago now I got laid off and decided to change my life. I remember I Googled "Work in Australia" and found out I could do a one year working holiday to Australia. I had no job in Texas and nothing holding me back so I said why not? Those two words really changed my life.

I was not really nervous until the night before I left (November 4th 2009). I can understand why most people talk about making changes but never do. Because it is not easy and it is scary! You are going into the totally new and unknown and for me I was alone. My first month was really hard in Australia everything was different and I had alot of growing up to do. I was forced to learn to rely only on myself and I wanted to give up and go home. I am so glad I didn't though because that started a journey that I am still on three years later and now I have lived and worked in Australia,New Zealand and Thailand. I have traveled Europe,Asia,South America and a splattering of other countries for a total of over twenty countries! It was a big step to make but it has changed my life for the better and I totally don't regret it! I have met so many amazing people and made some great life long friends (they know who they are). I have been lucky enough to do and see more in 27 years than most people even see in a lifetime. My passport is filled with stamps and my brain with great memories.

I have great friends and family back home and I do miss them alot. They have fully supported me in this and I really thank them for that. The best thing for me is knowing no matter how long I stay away they will always be there for me when I do return home. People say to me all the time, "It is so amazing what you are doing,I wish I could do it too" My answer is always the same. You can! Sure I may inspire some people  because im doing things differently but, I am not doing anything earth shaking. I chose this lifestyle that certainly is not for everyone. You have to learn to love a minimalist lifestyle. I don't own anything to speak of, I have no wife,house,career,car,debt etc. You have to be flexible and just go with the flow. It has its ups and downs but overall I do love it and if you can live with that you can do what I do!

There is someone in my life personally though who inspires me more than anyone on this planet I think. It is my cousin Tim Horton. He was serving our great country in Iraq and his humvee got hit by a roadside bomb (IED) and after it was all said and done they ended up having to amputate one of his legs. He went through many surgeries and a long period of recovery. To this day he still has shrapnel left in his body. Obviously an event like this is pretty life changing, I can't even imagine what it is like to lose a part of your body. Really I guess you have two choices in a situation like that. You can have the totally understandable reaction and get sad and depressed about the shitty deal you were given. Or, you can let it empower you even more to do anything you want!

My cousin Tim has taken door number two. He has run marathons,road a bike cross state, done a Tough Mudder Marathon (Google it, it is one of the hardest marathons there is because it is not just running!),he has testified in front of the US Congress,played on the national softball team for Wounded Warriors and worked with other soldiers who have lost limbs. He has let absolutely nothing get him down or get in his way. He graduated college after they told him he never would due to all his various injuries. I have two legs and have not done even half the things he has. He is the most inspirational and determined person I have ever met in my life. All these reasons and many more are why I look up to my own cousin more than anyone else. I can only hope to become half the man he is.

So to wrap this all up, I hope you are enjoying your life and what you do. If you are not then it is totally within your power to make some positive changes! P.S. This is my 250th blog post! Big milestone! Take care,Tyler

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  1. I'm very proud of all the Horton boys-you guys ROCK!! The girls too:) Love and miss you. Stay safe and in touch. Aunt Pam