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Monday, February 06, 2012

Hua Hin

This past weekend I went to Hua Hin for yet another visa stamp. By immigration standards it was a breeze (I still had to wait two hours lol) waiting two hours is considering getting in and out quickly though haha. Well I had never been to Hua Hin before, it is the largest major city close to me and it is a very popular vacation destination. It is also where most of The King's family is located when they are not at the royal palace or the hospital in Bangkok where he stays. They are known for their good sea food ( I had some good mussels). Well in addition to this I took a ride in a pedi cab and saw two twin Japanese brothers play the drums,flute and guitar. They were very similar to "Stomp" the African Fusion Band I saw back in Buenos Aires,Argentina. Stomp was VERY high energy, there was well over 1000 people there and much alcohol and illegal narcotics (Don't worry I didn't do any of the illegal stuff). Stomp had a huge band and they were all about noise and energy and power.

There was maybe 100 people at this free concert (if that) and these guys were all about precision. They had apparently played at Carnegie Hall four times! These guys were so good that instead of beating their drums simultaneously (which is hard enough to do) they could literally beat the drums IN BETWEEN each other's strokes. When one brother was on the down stroke the other brother would be on the upstroke. They could do it without even looking at each other, just by listening.  Another amazing thing I saw them do that I have never ever seen before is both brothers played one guitar! Allow me to explain, They had Japanese style guitars (more like banjo's than guitars) and some of their music almost sounded like old bluegrass country music. Well they would sit really close to each other and intertwine their arms. One brother would play the neck of the guitar and the other brother would play the strings at the bottom. It was pretty amazing. Sad thing is, I never even got their names. I just know they were here for a cultural exchange in Thailand and I saw them for free :) I wish I would have had a video!

I told you Hua Hin was one of the "King's cities" so obviously there is pictures of the King and Queen all over the city well that is true for all of Thailand not just Hua Hin. Every city has pictures of them,billboards,posters,everything. They really love the Royal Family here and I can't even begin to imagine how many millions of dollars all these posters and billboards have cost. I was really craving some "falang" (Western) food after my Thai seafood lunch so I decided to treat myself to a steak dinner. Unfortunately for me it was really not good at all :( my steak was cooked improperly and the baked potato was bad) it was a let down. But, food service in Thailand is hit or miss with Western food because that obviously is not what they normally cook and you cannot complain and tell them to take it back to the kitchen. It is a no refunds kinda deal. Eh I lost ten bucks so such is life. In Thailand when you are eating in a group as I have mentioned before, food almost NEVER comes out at the same time. So, you just have to eat immediately when you get your food which back home would be quite rude but, not here! Also, the waiters/waitresses almost never come check on you! So you better get what you need the first time around because you wont see them again until it is time to pay your bill lol.

I also had a massage by a blind lady. I cannot recommend these massages enough! When someone is blind their sense of touch is SO much more enhanced. Sure, the first time you get a massage by a blind person it can be a little unnerving but, they are people too and they have to make a living. She was very nice but she was about 70 years old! She didn't speak a lick of English either. When I had my massage in Cambodia by Nika, she could speak English really well. This lady did a pretty good job and it wasn't that expensive but she did mention for me to take my shorts off, which I had no problem with because every time I get a massage I just stay in my boxers. Well before I knew what was happening, fast as a cheetah she whipped off my boxers too! So there I was totally naked! It was a little unnerving at first but, I figured I had already paid for this and she was blind so what was the harm? She was totally professional and it was a good massage but it was first totally nude massage. So other than the unexpected nudity everything was fine.

Well that is all I have for now. Yall take care,Ty

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  1. Id to laugh - "fast as a cheetah". Very entertaining blog entry. Love ya, mom