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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Back From The Visa Run

Well now I head back to my little town, I stayed a couple of days in Bangkok to break up my long long journey to and from Laos for my visa. It was nice to catch up with friends and stuff. I saw a movie with some friends I met off the bus, we saw The Immortals. It was a fairly entertaining waste of two hours and the ticket only cost three dollars. I hear American music all the time here as in most every other country I have visited. As I right this I am on the train ride home and it will be six hours or so. I had to book a lower class seat than usual because tey were almost sold out so it may not be so comfortable but it will get me there!

On the bus ride up to Laos I paid for a seat on the bus but they overbooked the bus as they do sometimes and I ended up sitting in the middle of the aisle in a little child's chair for four hours. It was not so much fun lol but I still got there. While I was in Laos I went to a day market with my friend Maurice and there was a huge snake loose in the market! Everyone was screaming and running around ( I don't think it was a Cobra but it could have been) and eventually they killed it by stomping on its head lol. Only in Asia haha. I bought a few things and shopped around. In Laos I also slept on the hardest bed I have ever slept on in my life. I think they literally just smoothed out a rock and wrapped a sheet around it lol. It was so hard that my body was actually in pain from sleeping on it! Luckily I only had one night there.

Back here in Thailand I had some lunch and the lady at her little stall ( I love local food!) didn't speak any English but, she made me some kind of soup. It had the look and consistency of snot. That sounds really gross and it looks gross but it tasted so good once you got past the fact that you were eating snot like soup haha. On the menu at another restaurant I saw it had translated into English "Chicken without Chicken" sometimes their translations really make me laugh lol. Last night for dinner I saw they had "venison in gravy sauce" on the menu and I was really excited to get some deer meat so I ordered it and paid six whole dollars for it! But, I was super disappointed when it came out and was just a fancier version of their regular beef :(

One last thing before I end this for today, I was shopping at MBK (the huge mall in Bangkok) after my movie was over and I saw a guy selling NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) which I won in Kindergarten thanks to my mom's old boss who bought like 600 boxes of cookies from me or something haha. It was like a blast from the past to see that! But, the guy selling it wanted 5000 baht for it which is like 160 dollars! I know I could have haggled with him and got it for cheaper most likely with games and controllers and everything but 160 dollars USD for a piece of my childhood,while amazing... no thanks lol. He also had Sega,N64 and all the other gaming systems of my childhood. It was like a walk down memory lane for me.

I am back at work tomorrow (today was a holiday) and back at the grind. I like it though its nice and hopefully I will get a contract for school in march. Until then I am just casually teaching and trying to make ends meet. But, I have a good school with good people and the kids are awesome. It is easier than I thought and I like it. -Tyler

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  1. The adventure with the snake must have been pretty exciting. Glad I wasn't there for that one. Love ya, mom