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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Aftermath of Christmas

My Christmas Eve this year was much more subdued than last year. Last year I spent Christmas Eve with two of my best girl friends in Auckland New Zealand in a Gentleman's Club (They had free buffet lunch lol) all of the girls working at the club were very nice and in cheerful spirits since it was almost Christmas and considering we were in a place of adult entertainment (I am using the politically correct terms here haha) we actually had a really good time and didn't spend that much money. As strange as it might sound to some of you that Christmas Eve spent with my two friends in Showgirls will always be a happy treasured memory for me.

Well this year I spent my Christmas Eve on the beach and my local beach bar having a few drinks with friends. Nothing major but it was nice and relaxing. Christmas Day rolled around and Noong made a feast of the ages! (scroll to the bottom of this post for a picture!) Of course it was not like what we can do back home but considering where I am it was great! It tasted so good and was of course lovingly prepared. After my meal here at home with her I went into town and ate again haha. There was a local restaurant where  alot of the expats go. They did a proper Christmas meal with turkey (very rare here in Thailand!) and ham and all the trimmings. Of course all the beer we could drink haha. I met alot of new friends and lots of teachers! It was so nice to get out and about and socialise again. I really enjoyed myself and had a good Christmas.

I hope that everyone got everything they wanted for Christmas and you are happy and healthy with your friends and family. I was lucky enough to get to speak to almost my entire extended family so that was really good! :) All the best for the upcoming year and enjoy your New Years Eve! I will be on an island celebrating my birthday and New Years Eve. Tough life I know haha.But, for now I am back to work this week and then I get a few days off and come back in early January. Nothing like the two or three week break Americans get for Christmas holidays. I wish!

Yall take care,Ty

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  1. Were those ribs in the picture? Hope you get the package I sent soon, as Nooag will enjoy one of the items. All my love, mom