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Friday, June 07, 2024

The story behind my scars

I was picked on mercilessly as a kid because I looked different from everyone else due to all my scars from the various surgeries that I have had. As you can imagine kids can be incredibly cruel to someone who looks different. 

As a kid, I grew my hair out long and always tried to comb it in such a way that I could maximize the coverage of the scars on my head. 

As an adult, with no one making fun of me anymore, I have gone the opposite direction and I keep my hair short because of the heat and I never have to comb it. 

My wife Jenny cuts my hair so I haven't paid for a haircut in 8 years. I have had 29 surgeries thus far, if you add them all up. I have one last surgery to straighten my crooked left eye but it should be a piece of cake compared to what I have already been thru.

I look at all of my scars on my head, neck and stomach as a reminder of what I have made it through. I am proud of my scars now even though it looks like I got attacked by a bear! 

That's it for now, Tyler 


  1. I think dad and I told you to tell the kids you were run over by a lawnmower, but that didn't work out so well for you, lol. Mom

  2. I say I enjoy thinking I’m the bride of Frankenstein. They all have a story and I’m still here. Hope I don’t go bald though. The ones in my head look like one of my brothers must have beaten me with a hammeršŸ˜‚So sorry you had yours when kids didn’t understand what you’d been aunt pam