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Sunday, December 02, 2018

We made it to China!

Well just as I promised, I am finally starting my blog once again after a two year hiatus! This time with a new and improved layout and more photos. Hope you like it. So I guess I should start at the beginning....

I got offered a job in China back in June and Jenny and I decided to make the move to China! I love Colombia and really enjoyed my (almost 7 years) there. I am already missing it and missing the ability to communicate, since we don´t speak Chinese!
This is all of our life in suitcases

Once we arrived and got settled I had some time before I started working so Jenny and I decided to explore the city for a bit. Shenzhen is huge! 23 million people in one city! 

Many more pictures to come! 

At the moment Jenny and I are living on the campus of my university ( I will post pictures of that in another blog post) things are going well for us so far but it isn´t always super easy to get what you need when you don´t speak the language. Thank god for Google Translate! I can´t imagine coming to China 20 or 30 years ago before the Internet and easy access to these translators. It has been an adjustment to get used to the food here. Almost everything is spicy, full of some weird cream or sauce or full of bones. It makes it harder trying to eat all this with only chopsticks!

Everyone has been super nice though and very helpful with everything. We have managed to use the Chinese version of Uber without knowing how to speak Chinese and they have an excellent metro and bus system here. One of the things I like the most is that you can connect your phone to your bank account and pay for everything with a click of a button on your phone. I have not made a single cash transaction in almost a month. Here in China there is an app called Wechat it is one app that can do everything. I do mean everything all inside this one app. 

I can pay rent, pay bills,buy movie/train/bus tickets, book a hotel, book a trip, order food, pay for anything, send money to someone, receive money, download things, make calls,video calls, record audio,order an Uber, locate myself on a map and much much more all inside Wechat without ever leaving the app!

I will end this blog with a few pictures from our trip to the Shenzhen Zoo ( many more to come)

 That bird is one of the most dangerous animals in all of Australia, I was very surprised that they let us get that close. It may not look so dangerous but even with the cage, they have been known to kill full grown adults!

Our lazy panda photo haha.

Well thats all for now. I promise I will try to be better about updating this more frequently with lots and lots of more photos. I hope you enjoyed this little update, I have lots more coming! 

Take care, Tyler

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