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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Chinese Food Culture

Hey dear readers, my apologies for missing my weekly update last week. Life gets in the way sometimes! Well today I want to show you what real Chinese food looks like. It is actually quite different from the ¨Chinese¨ food we have back home! I always assumed our Chinese food was pretty authentic but, I was wrong. The Chinese food in the US has most certainly been tailored to American taste buds. I have not seen a single fortune cookie here haha

Some of this is ¨Western food¨ mixed in with the Chinese food. I will try to get a photo of some noodle and dumplings. Those are very common here! But so far what I have noticed about Chinese food in general is, 98% of the meat is ¨bone in¨ even though they eat everything with chopsticks.... talk about frustrating! The food in general is pretty spicy, and the meat is also pretty fatty ( for flavor I guess) really I wouldn´t say the food is bad here, its just different. Not what we are used to.

They have a lot of things with sauces and creams in the middle, a lot of spicy or sweet and sour flavos. They eat a lot of rice here and lots of green veggies. They love to eat fried food and food with a lot of oils and stuff. I really am quite amazed that they are as skinny as they are here with all the fried food that they eat.

China also has Walmart. Different foods of course but, same company 

Good ol Yellowtail :)

Toys R US may be finished in The US but not in China! 

Charming Grilled Fish is always charming haha

Found a store getting into the Christmas spirit. ¨Christ Merry Mas¨ lol

China also has convenience store food just like we do! But it may not be exactly what you are used to....

Chicken in a bag

Well thats all that I have for yall this time. If you have any ideas for topics you are curious about here in China just let me know and I will be happy to explore it for you! take care, Ty

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