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Monday, August 20, 2012

Muchas cosas!

Well in the past three days a lot has happened in my life! This will be long I am warning you now, but I want to update yall on everything in one blog post. First, Saturday night was my one month anniversary with my beautiful girlfriend Viviana. One month may not sound like a big deal to most people back home in America but here in Colombia one month is pretty special so I decided to pull out all the strings and surprise her with a super fancy dinner. She had no idea and my plan worked perfectly! The resturant did everything great! Here is what you get for 50 bucks in Colombia.

I also had another surprise for her. Next month is the Colombian version of Valentine's Day. One of my clients owns a small hotel in a town about four hours away from Bogota and I am taking her there for three days of rest and relaxation and doing nothing. It will be really nice to get away from everything and everyone for a while!

As you can see by my four photos, you really can get a lot for 50 dollars (US) if you know where to look. The restaurant was great and the food was great, the atmosphere and everything was perfect. I knocked it out the park hehe. Only now I have set the bar pretty high so, for our one year anniversary I am going to need to really step up my game haha. But she loved it and I was really happy. By the way, the plate with chocolate sauce says "Happy first month of dating" the guy with the guitar is singing a song dedicated to us. :D

Ok, next up. On Sunday Viviana's son Juan had a school function and it was pretty important to him. As a 7 year old these things can be a big deal. So I went with Viviana and her family. Her sister came along, with her own 10 year old daughter Maria and the father of Maria. Juan's school is actually really neat. It is on a huge piece of property and they have a working farm for the kids to learn about different animals and such. It is out in the country side and outdoors. The kids get to do many outdoor activities and learn a lot. I wish I could have gone to a similar school when I was his age, they also learn English there.

This was more of a festival that happens once a year. They had food and games for the kids and presentations of the kids. Here is another difference, there was literally maybe 500 or more people there. They had zip lines and bouncy houses and many many games for the kids. The games along with the food cost money, all the money raised was donated to the school. But, they also sold alcohol.  Not only did they sell beer but they sold hard liquor! You would never see this in the states haha. I didn't get drunk of course but I am quite sure there was a few parents there who over indulged lol.

Last but certainly not least, I had a slight health scare (don't worry I am fine) but it is a lot to explain so I am going to write about it in another blog post. Yall take care,Tyler

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