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Thursday, March 16, 2023

general update

I have not blogged in a while but I wanted to give all of yall a general update.

Eliana is now 2 years old and growing like a weed. I am so proud to be her father and she is so smart. I love her with all my heart. 

I am finally stable health wise and still going to rehab Monday to Friday. I still have issues with my balance and stability but everything else is progressing well. 

Jenny is staying busy with work since I can't work currently. I am lucky to have her help.
So overall, things are going well. They could be better of course but I am luckier than I deserve. 


  1. You are a frigging legend. I love you guys good things are due to come your way. Just continue with your positivity. Hugs.

  2. Thank you for the update! Love and Prayers-Melaina & Chad

  3. <3 i love that things are going as they are! Great to hear from you

  4. We're so proud of you and your positive outlook. Praying that the eye surgery will help with the balance so you can walk again. We love you so much. Mom and dad