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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Texas,Christmas Eve,Christmas,Boxing Day,My Birthday and New Years Eve

Well I am now back safely in Bogota after my three week visit to Texas. I had a great time seeing my family and friends over the Christmas holidays. This marks two times in one year that I have been back home for a visit. It is much easier to get home from South America than it is from Asia or Australia/NZ. Unfortunately I had to fly out at 6am on Christmas morning but I couldn't pass up the good deal that I got on my airfare. I did have a great Christmas Eve with all my family though. Got to spend some quality time with all of them which was nice.

Unfortunately Colombians celebrate Christmas at midnight on the 24th so I also missed Colombian Christmas but I still had a good time. I will be here in Colombia for New Years Eve which is always a good time. Three weeks was plenty of time to visit most of my friends and I got to a concert with my dad and another concert with my friends. My dad just recently had back surgery so he now on the mend but its looking like he will pull thru just fine. My visit home was uneventful other than getting to see everyone and eat all the food that I wanted to eat. There was a big ice storm in our area of Texas though. That was unusual for sure and I was stuck inside for a good week or so but I got to spend more time with my family so that was nice.

My flight(s) home to Texas and back to Bogota were also uneventful other than screaming children and such. But, on the way back to Bogota I got upgraded to what used to be free but now costs money exit row and I sat next to a really cool guy who was from close to my hometown back in Texas. So now 2013 chugs along and we approach my (gasp!) 29th birthday! and also New Years. Should be a good time had by all I hope. Most of my friends here in Bogota are outside of the city at the moment on vacations and such but hopefully they will be back for my birthday. All of my roommates have now moved out and I am looking for new ones. It is an odd feeling being all alone in this house. There is also a decent possibility that I will be moving from Bogota in March/April to a new city in Colombia called Medellin Colombia I am pretty ready for a change in scenery and weather!

Well that is all I have for yall for now. Merry Christmas,Happy Hanukkah,Happy Kwanza or whatever else it is you may celebrate. Happy Boxing Day (for those in the British Commonwealth) and Happy almost New Years Eve/Day.- Tyler

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