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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Little Survey

I want to propose a little survey purely for my own curiousity so if you are reading this please take just a minute to answer my short few questions in the comment section below this post. Please and Thanks :) I will love you forever haha. -Tyler the Traveling Texan.

1. What country are you from?

2. Your age? (or roundabouts if your shy)

3. Have you ever left your home country?

4. Where would you want to visit if you could visit anywhere?

Ok thats all I have for you! four simple questions :) have at it, thanks again, Tyler


  1. USA, 59 (college friend of your mom), yes, vacation in Tahiti right now...

  2. Belgium,
    yes plenty (Europe and USA)
    lots of places I want to see, but I would love to see aurora borealis with my own eyes.

  3. 1. Australia originally, but Thailand for the past 22 years
    3.Many, many times
    4.Reykjavik, Iceland

  4. US, 58 yes. photographic safari in Africa. hi Ty. I love you. mom

  5. 1. US
    2. Older than dirt
    3. Yes, many times
    4. Bikini Atoll and all the surrounding islands

  6. 1. Finland
    2. 25 + a couple :)
    3. Traveld in 30 some countries (europe, asia, africa south america), lived in 5 different countries.
    4. So many places impossible to name one, but Myanmar, Brazil, Philippines and Tanzania to name a few