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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Weird Dreams

Recently I have been having a lot of strange dreams for some reason. Generally speaking I do not put much stock into the meaning of dreams. I think some dreams can and do have meaning but most are just products of an overactive imagination in my opinion. Well last night I had a dream that involved Steve Jobs. I never knew Steve Jobs personally but, since his death last year I have listened to many speeches of his and read many quotes from him. I have really come to respect him as a human being and a business man. It was truly a loss when he died. Yesterday I was not reading or thinking about him which makes this even more odd. Well here is it:

I was sitting in a classroom and there was a banner that said "Class of 1993" but this was some kind of college campus. I was my current age of 27 and I didn't look any different physically. Steve Jobs was the professor of this class and he was telling us all how "Nine years ago (1984, the year of my birth) Apple released the first truly personal computer (which is actually true) and he was telling us many thing about how he started Apple and Apple computers. There were many students in the class listening, just like any normal class around the world. Everything in the room was 1993-ish. The computers,the overhead projector, Everyone's clothes, the whole 9 yards. Except for one difference. Steve proceeded to reveal a new product to us in this classroom and everyone was all excited and they started taking pictures. But, they were using the very latest Iphone 5's to take these pictures! Which in 1993 were not even thought about.

After this, Steve started telling us about his life and how to better our lives. It became more of a motivational speech at this point. He said something in my dream very similar to what he has said in real life. He said " It is your right and your responsibility to live your life uniquely. Do not spend your life living someone else's reality. I remember how inspired I felt (in the dream) when he said this. But, at this point there was some college kids outside throwing rocks against the window and he stopped his speech and said "Those damn Russians again!" He then left the room to go chase down those kids. It was at this point, when he was out of the room I noticed a closet that was closed (but not locked) and it said "Restricted" everyone was sitting in their seats quietly but I got up out of my chair and I went to the "Restricted" door and opened it. I remember there was a very bright light and a long hallway. I started walking down this hallway but before I could get to the end he came back into in the classroom.

I was scared I was going to get in trouble so I ran back to my seat and everyone was looking at me. He then spoke to me directly. I was so scared he was going to be mad but he wasn't. He said "Tyler you are a rebel. You are a rule breaker and I like that. Don't lose that hunger." That was it. My dream ended after that.

I cannot make heads or tails of this dream at all. I did wake up feeling very inspired though. In a way I have been a rebel for the past few years. Traveling all over the world Solo, meeting new people doing and seeing new things. Not living inside any "box". I guess in a way I have been fulfilling his speech to me. I have been really happy over these past few years and I continue to be happy not being "normal". The only other thing I can piece together is about the Russians. Yesterday I was reading This Article  involving the Russians. What do yall think? do dreams mean anything?

Wild dream huh? Here's to you Steve. -Tyler

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  1. I love this Tyler.Yes, dreams can be as a result of our over active imagination. However, our dreams can also provide messages that our sub-conscious mind is seeking to bring to our reality. You have traveled solo, in many ways you have been a rule breaker, but are now starting to conform? Perhaps your dreams are encouraging you to keep bushing your boundaries further?!