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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Living to be 100

 Do ever think about what it will be like if you live to be 100? I do. In reality based on my current life style I doubt I will live that long. But, I am in the process of making healthier changes in my life. I don't smoke, I only drink on occasion and I am not overweight but, I don't exercise near as much as I should and my diet is not so great. Those are big strikes against me as far as making it to 100.  I have always said that I only want to live until I can no longer take care myself. Once that day comes I want my life to be over. I do not want to be a burden to my family and have a terrible quality of life, just waiting to die and not enjoying life. I also have no desire to be kept alive artificially if something were to happen to me. Lastly, I want to be buried in a bio degradable coffin.

All of this morbid death talk is leading up to my next point so bear with me please. I wonder what it will be like if I live to be 100 because I wonder what people will say about my life? What will I have accomplished in a century on earth? What will I leave behind? Will I be happy and satisfied with my life? I certainly hope the answer to all these questions is a positive one. Someone who is 100 now was born in 1912 the year the Titanic sank. They have seen the rise of the automobile, the rise of global air travel, two world wars, the "technology age" and much much more. I wonder what I will have seen in 100 years? The only major thing to happen in my lifetime so far, is the rise of the Internet and technology "wiring and connecting" everyone and everything. I still remember like before the Internet contrary to kids these days who have had it their entire lives. Secondly, September 11th was a huge event in my life (and almost every other person as well).

I wonder what people will say about my life at 100? Will they be amazed that I lived so long and did so much? I am fairly certain there will be some major technological advancement so people will say "Wow! Tyler was alive before X! Somehow I doubt that any advances they make in technology will be as big or game changing as seeing the rise of cars and global air travel though. This really is a helluva time to be an old person having seen so many changes for the good and for the bad in 100 years.

Yall take care,Tyler

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